KLARO’s mission is to drive social impact in business.

We are all about blending purpose with profit to reach stellar outcomes for both organizations and societies.

What we do.

In today’s world, there is urgent need to address social injustice.

We are far behind on reaching the SDGs and the majority of players embracing ESG are focused on ‘E’. At the same time, business is an indispensable force in driving forward social causes.

Amidst this scenario, key challenges emerge for both social organizations and business.

That’s where we step in.

What we do.

We bridge the gap on both fronts:

Social organizations

often lack the strategic acumen, efficiency and systematic approaches necessary for sustainable growth

We provide strategic guidance, structure, and a methodical approach to elevate their impact

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For-profit businesses

aiming to integrate social good into their operations often struggle to move this forward due to limited resources

We provide invaluable support to unlock the full potential of these efforts until they are integrated into their model

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We do this because we are committed to a future where every organization has a positive impact on society.

Our Key Capabilities.

Strategic Planning

Chart a course for success - Let’s set clear strategies that align with your mission and drive lasting impact

Business Development

Grow sustainably - Build a solid go to market model including key sales and fundraising approach

Project Management

Stay on track - Ensure successful implementation of your initiatives from planning to execution

Data Analysis

Unlock insights - Drive informed decision-making and optimize your impact through data

Ultimately we adopt to your needs, so let's dive into an exploration together to find your perfect fit!

What we’ve done.

Click on the logos to find out more about each client and how we helped them

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Karina Kleissl, Founder & Senior Consultant

Karina combines her business acumen with her drive to address social injustice.

Her experience comes from global top-tier names in the business driven world, including as a consultant at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and investor relations at BTG Pactual Asset Management. She has an MBA from IESE Business School.

At BCG Karina started her portfolio with a project focused on migration - something she is deeply passionate about, having always been a migrant herself. She is motivated by the belief that businesses can both make money and contribute positively to society and is excited to empower organizations and enterprises to solve societal challenges. She is fluent in Portuguese, German, English and Spanish.

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Lotus Smits, Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Advisor

Lotus is on a life long mission to create environments and systems where underrepresented groups can equally learn, grow and thrive. She is CEO & Founder of The INK - DEI Agency, supporting companies globally to build a permanent inclusive and equitable workplace - like INK on paper.

Previously, she leveraged her skills to do good by joining or founding the DEI Teams at the HeadQuarters of Vodafone in London, Booking.com in Amsterdam and Glovo in Barcelona. Lotus has a M.Sc. in Business Psychology.

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Global advisory network

We draw support from a network of global experts according to project needs


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